Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Lot 1901 loves supporting every kind of talent!

Dave Pritchard and David Jenkins getting some shots for the 2018 production of Hedwig and the Anger Inch. Go check it out at the Jobsite theater; it Will be happening Aug. 15- Sept. 9th! 

Under the Influence

A Grand Opening.

Under the Influence is an art show -

Music by: 

J.T. Brown
Mountain Holler
Josh Higgins
Mike Mass w/ Tony Handz, Vern Senior and special guests

Featured Artists:
Keith Burnson
Nate Carter
Alex Coyle
Seamus Gallagher
Conrad Garner
David Gonzalez
Patrick Guyer
Sean Hartman
Jordan Hicks
Chris Kelly
Dan Lasta
Brandon McLean
Dylan Melcher
Daniel Morgan
Wes Pratt
Stephen Palladino
Pep Rally
Krystal Ralph
Lauren Rasch
Corey Robinson
Angus Shafer
Matthew Squires
Cheryl Weber
David Williams
George Zwierko

Drinks poured by Brenda Terry.

Street Surfer Food Truck

Holy Matrimony at Lot 1901

RSBP Events Transforms the Studio for a Wedding

When the original venue turned out to be double booked, RSBP Events had to act fast to find a space transformable enough to become a wedding venue. In 48 hours, the studio took on a whole new look as two Aussie's tied the knot. Check out some photos below-

Em Rossi Photo Shoot

Em Rossi Photo Shoot

Lot 1901 Hosts Em Rossi for a Photo Shoot with Jordan Hicks.

Maybe you've heard of Em Rossi through from her recent video for "Earthquake", which just hit over a million views on Youtube. If haven't yet, check it out - Em Rossi has some serious talent. She was also a delight to have at the studio, come back anytime Em!

Check out some of the photos Jordan shot of Em Rossi below.

Though Tattered and Torn…

Though Tattered and Torn…

Designer Michael Vollbracht showcases vintage fashion at Lot 1901 to help fight cancer.

The space was completely transformed from it's usual look to suit Michael Vollbracht's vision. It was a fun process dialing in the lighting while Michael placed each piece of his collection meticulously around the studio. Take a peak below to experience some of Vollbracht's collection, which is unlike any other.

Ashley Smith and Josh Higgins Cover "Feeling Good" at Lot 1901

Ashley Smith and Josh Higgins Cover "Feeling Good" at Lot 1901

The First of Many

Ashley and Josh came by and jammed at the space. We loved this take of "Feeling Good". A live recording at Lot 1901 shot by Jordan Hicks. Audio was captured by Will DeHaan and brought to life by our friend J.T. Brown with a quick mix and master. 

Feeling good on the natural sound of our space, looking forward to more of these. Big thanks to Ashley and Josh!

"Kool Aid Lips" by J.T. Brown

"Kool Aid Lips" by J.T. Brown

J.T. Brown's Music Video for "Kool Aid Lips" off his Upcoming Album "Phantom Heart".

shot at Lot 1901. Starring Melissa DiFazio, written and directed by Dylan Melcher, Director of Photography Jordan Hicks.

Stephen Palladino Gets First Dibs at Lot 1901

Stephen Palladino Gets First Dibs at Lot 1901

A Good and Shiddy Mural at the Lot 1901 Bar.

Huge thank you to the good homie Stephen for coming by and kicking off the art at Lot 1901 the right way. The piece came out dope and definitely set the right vibe for the space. Drop by sometime to see the finished piece and keep your eyes peeled for more from STP at 1901. 

Check out more from Stephen here.

Stephen Palladino at Lot 1901